Cotswold Classic Witney 10m
Date:11 Sep 2011
Distance:10 miles
Full results:

This is advertised as a tough 10 mile one lap road race in the picturesque Cotswold countryside: it lives up to that description.

On this course, there are a lot of sharp descents and ascents. There is also an endlessly long but gentle climb of about 90m, the gentle hill lasting for 4K from Crawley to Leafield. So the course is quite a challenge.

The race takes place on pretty country lanes and roads where there is little traffic. It was sunny but not too warm, and there was a strong, gusty wind at times. There were water stations at 1.2M, 5.2M and 8.1M. The race was very well marshalled.

This is one of the races of the Oxon Grand Prix and it is also one of the races of the HRR Road Championship. So, as you can see from the table below, there was a big turn-out from HRR.

Charlotte Harris was the 3rd SL.

The race was also a County Championship race. In this, Adrienne Hopkins was the 3rd VL35. And Charlotte Harris, Adrienne Hopkins and Sally Howard won the Silver Ladies County Team Prize.

If you took part and you are not in the table below, please e-mail me and I'll add you. The same applies if you got a pb or I got the prizes wrong.

Pos Time Name Cat Prizes/pb
1 0:56:00 first male -
10 1:01:15 SKILBECK, Richard SM
161:03:35Chris Payne (2nd claim)SM
20 1:03:44 first female -
22 1:04:39 COX, Dave VM40
32 1:06:52 LEACH, Nick (switching to HRR) SM pb
45 1:11:25 HARRIS, Charlotte SL 3rd SL
55 1:13:02 HOPKINS, Adrienne VL35 3rd County VL35
56 1:13:17 SCATOR, Clive VM40
72 1:17:31 HOWARD, Sally VL35
78 1:18:05 FELTON, Alistair SM
83 1:18:42 SHAW, Rachel VL35
91 1:19:42 COWLS, Steve VM50
951:20:12Rosemary Payne (2nd claim)VL35
96 1:20:41 BROWN, Sean SM
100 1:21:34 MEAN, Tim SM
106 1:22:16 SAWYER, David VM50
113 1:23:25 BRAME, Paul VM40
117 1:23:51 CLARGO, John VM40
121 1:24:33 JOHNSON, Tina VL35
132 1:27:43 CORNELIUS, Barry VM60
141 1:29:40 STONE, Manuel VM50
145 1:31:09 MACASKILL, Linda VL45
156 1:35:44 TSVERIK, George SM
159 1:36:26 MUNDAY, Andrew VM40
161 1:37:42 VILLIERS, Kit VM60
164 1:38:07 HARDING-BROWN, Sandra VL45
165 1:38:14 O'DRISCOLL, Sarah SL
168 1:40:29 CARTER, Emma VL35
171 1:45:27 last finisher -  
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Entered by: Barry Cornelius

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