Hanney 5
Date:09 Oct 2011
Distance:5 miles
Comments:A little blustery, but pretty good conditions to be honest.

Perhaps it is me, but the prizes seems a little confusing in the results spreadsheet. Seems like congratulations are due to the following in the County Championships:

Adrienne (bronze, F35), Linda (silver, F45) and Gail (bronze, F45). The ladies (Adrienne, Rachel and Linda) also won 2nd team.

Kudos to Richard also, who was 1st HRR home despiting taking it easy after running at the Chilterns XC yesterday!
PositionRace NumberTimeNameCategorySex
2415300:29:55SKILBECK RichardSeniorMale
353800:31:19HOWARD FraserSeniorMale
413400:32:12BYARD EdwardSeniorMale
547000:34:12HOPKINS AdrienneF35Female3rd V35
605600:34:50BRAME PaulV40Malepb
617700:35:11SHAW RachelF35Female
7014300:35:57BROWN SeanSeniorMale
7310100:36:03COWLS SteveV50Male
809500:36:34LISTER PhilipV55Male
858100:37:08FELTON AlistairSeniorMale
9010300:38:10SULLEY AndrewSenior?!Male
9418300:38:34JOHNSON MatthewV50Male
9520200:38:42CLARGO JohnV45Male
10120300:39:07JOHNSON TinaF40Female
1068600:39:40TSVERIK GeorgeSeniorMale
11011000:39:52MACASKILL LindaF45Female
1154300:40:28MILLICAN LauraSeniorFemale
1187300:41:05JONES GailF45Female
12811200:42:32STONE ManuelV55Male
13712900:43:20GREEN RobertV60Male
1401700:43:26HARDING-BROWN SandraF45Female
14111800:43:29O DRISCOLL SarahSeniorFemale
1441400:43:46WALSH RachelSeniorFemale
1587900:46:37JAMES AnitaF45Female
16515800:48:12VILLIERS KitV65Male
1725400:50:14DOEL SheilaF65Femaleclub record
18315400:51:50RUSSELL MaryF50Female
19117600:53:51VIELVOYE EileenF65Female
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