Eynsham 10k
Date:27 Nov 2011
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photo of Chris Dettmar at the 2011 Eynsham 10k photo of Diane Moore at the 2011 Eynsham 10k This 10k is a two lap race which uses a mix of Eynsham's main streets and the roads that bypass Eynsham. It was timed using chip-to-chip. The race requires a lot of marshals and they did their job well.

It is advertised as flat and fast but I always find it difficult to get a good time partly because there are quite a few stretches on thin footpaths and some on grass verges. A PB was even more difficult today as there was a strong headwind when we ran alongside the A40.

There was a solid turnout from HRR: we had about 60 runners. Despite the strong headwind, several achieved PBs.

The two photos show Chris Dettmar and Diane Moore out on the course. Chris's time of 32:56 broke the club's Male v40 record -┬ábeating Vasili Zverev's time at the Eynsham 10K back in 2005 by 2┬áseconds. In today's race, Chris was the 1st Male v40 and Diane was the 2nd Female v35. Our first three women (Diane Moore, Charlotte Harris and Elizabeth Barker) won the female team prize. And in the male team prize competition Chris Dettmar, Richard Skilbeck, Tim Doole and Rob Stewart came fifth.

Thanks to John Harvey for the two photos.

If you took part and you are not in the table below, please e-mail me and I'll add you. The same applies if you got a PB or a prize.

PosGun TimeNameSexAge GroupChip NumChip TimeChip PosPrizes/pb
132:03first male---32:031
432:56Chris DETTMARMv4046732:5641st Mv40club record
2936:17first female---36:1629
3536:33Richard SKILBECKMSenior12736:3035
3836:57Tim DOOLEMSenior2636:5438
4437:24Robert STEWARTMSenior41937:2244
5238:02Yiannis FITSAKISMSenior22437:5952
6038:38Paul OXLEYMSenior24438:3560
6238:50Fraser HOWARDMSenior7438:4462
7039:22Diane MOOREFv351039:18702nd Fv35
7239:36Nick LEACHMSenior18739:3272
7739:57Martin LEACHMSenior40339:5178pb
8140:09Charlotte HARRIS FSenior37440:0581
8340:14Elizabeth BARKERFSenior70240:1083
8940:31Rupert COUSENSMSenior35140:2388
9040:33Thomas PROCTER-LEGGMSenior24040:2990
9140:33Ken LOWIESMv4067640:2991pb
10240:51Neville BAKERMv5058340:46100
13342:49Adrienne HOPKINSFv3512642:44133
15443:34Rachel SHAWFv3547943:20152
15943:46Matt BIGLINMv5051143:33159
16243:48Paul BRAMEMv405743:43164
17644:34Edward BYARDMSenior72644:27178
18444:49Anne EDWARDSFSenior60144:39184pb
20645:28Carl JAMESMv4018545:14206
21145:33Alistair FELTONMSenior41345:19207
21645:37Philip LISTERMv5033945:25215pb
22345:54Steve COWLSMv503845:42226
22646:00Sarah FARROWFv4556745:37221
23246:17Geoffrey BURKEMv4012545:54231
23946:28Charlotte NOAKESFSenior17346:07238
25147:01Emma CROFTFSenior3146:39248
25847:18Philip MUNDAYMv40746:55254
26747:39Ursula SCHULZFv3545847:25269
27247:53Andrew SULLEYMv4046647:33272
27848:07Ann WARRENFv3515347:44275pb
28048:12David SAWYERMv5020747:58282
28248:13George TSVERIKMSenior19047:49278pb
28548:20Sean BROWNMSenior47348:07287
29648:43Marie-Anne FISCHERFv4558248:22297
32549:30John CLARGOMv4024749:11323
- 49:36Graham NORRISMv60---no chip
32849:37Laura INGLE FSenior18849:28332
33550:00Andrew MUNDAYMv4028049:36336
33650:00Linda MACASKILLFv456449:37337
33850:04Karen MCDERMOTTFSenior18649:43341
34750:17Tina JOHNSONFv3539249:56348
35550:27Matthew STIFFMv4046950:03355
35850:31Barry CORNELIUSMv6022350:24365
38251:25Laura MILLICANFSenior5451:04382
38751:36Manuel STONEMv5034151:15387
41853:34Sandra HARDING-BROWNFv4543753:15423pb
41953:34Carol EDWARDSFv4560053:11421
46556:03Judy CORNISHFv3538555:39467
47956:41Charlotte STEMMERFSenior72556:00472
48856:53Alison DALYFv3574056:12478
49557:25Sarah O'DRISCOLLFSenior8657:00495
51859:13Kit VILLIERSMv6016658:48518
54761:16Mary RUSSELLFv456260:36546
58064:54Sheila DOELFv5532364:22580
59267:26Kate TurnerFSenior33166:39592
61277:24last finisher---76:44611 
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