Chiltern League Round 1 - Shotover Park
Date:20 Oct 2012
Distance:Men 9k Women 5k
Full results:
Comments:A great start to the season, beautiful afternoon above the knees, heavy mud below. Almost certainly a record club turnout produced impressive results and a great atmosphere around the team tent.
Men 5th, Vet Men 1st,
Women 3rd, Vet Women 1st.
Div One Races
Junior/U17 Women
33Billie Meadowcroft29.22
11Jude Craft24.03
15Liz Barker25.32
21Adrienne Hopkins25.49
25Corinna Abesser26.22
26Rachel Shaw26.38
35Anita James28.34
41Sarah Farrow29.00
44Alison Barry29.26
57Charlotte Coles31.47
64Rosemary Cameron34.41
71Consuela Moorman39.01
39Tim Doole34.39
52Mark Richards35.47
63Dave Gavaghan36.32
67Fergus Campbell36.51
73Richard Skilbeck37.23
80Martin Dunmore37.56
81Andy Phelps38.01
93Peter Wrighton-Smith38.52
95John Griffiths38.57
96Chris Payne38.58
97Roger Thetford39.01
106Alan Darbyshire39.33
109Chris Prince39.45
114Tom Proctor-Legg39.53
115James Turner39.59
119Laurie Hurman40.18
121Kenny Lowies40.24
126Paul Oxley40.59
140Clive Slator42.07
152Matt Biglin43.14
173Mark Herd46.58
181Mark Proctor47.53
189Hanno Nickau51.04
191John Clargo52.17
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Entered by: John Griffiths

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