White Horse Half Marathon
Date:07 Apr 2013
Distance:1/2 Marathon
Full results:http://www.chiptiming.co.uk/pdf/WhiteHorse.pdf

"After interminable months of poor and bitterly cold weather, the 31st running of the White Horse Half Marathon, incorporating the Oxfordshire County Half Marathon Championships and also constituting one of the events in the 2013 Oxfordshire Grand Prix calendar, took place as scheduled yesterday amidst bright sunshine and warm temperatures in Grove, Oxfordshire. This window in the weather encouraged a sizeable crowd of spectators making the most of the welcome turn in the weather to gather at the finish and cheer the runners home."

On Facebook, Adrienne Hopkins writes: "What an awesome medal haul this morning and storming start to the Grand Prix series!"

The "medal haul" for individuals is given in the table below. If you got a pb, please add that to the end of your row of the table or e-mail me and I'll do it.

For the race itself, the HRR men obtained the 2nd team prize (Richard Skilbeck, Fergus Campbell, Yiannis Fitsakis and Ian Meadowcroft). And the HRR women obtained both the 1st team prize (Eirini Flouri, Adrienne Hopkins and Judith Kalthoff) and the 2nd team prize (Sarah Farrow, Nicola Smith and Charlotte Noakes).

There were similar prizes and the same winning runners for the Oxfordshire Championships: the men's team obtained the Silver prize and the women's teams obtained the Gold and Silver prizes.

12651:11:22first male11:11:221MS1  
152591:19:48Richard Skilbeck151:19:474MV4015 V40-Bronze
164861:19:52Fergus Campbell161:19:515MV4016  
28421:23:22first female281:23:211FV351  
321441:24:46Yiannis Fitsakis321:24:4413MV4031  
376171:25:23Ian Meadowcroft371:25:2114MV4036  
583301:29:36Alan Darbyshire581:29:3218MV4055  
626331:30:16Alan Foulkes641:30:0512MV5059  
752361:31:59Eirini Flouri751:31:574FV354 L35-Bronze
882601:34:20Adrienne Hopkins881:34:158FV359  
913591:34:37Judith Kalthoff901:34:322FS10SL-2ndSL-Silver
1002481:35:57Matt Biglin1011:35:5320MV5088  
112791:37:39Ken Lowies1051:36:4729MV4098  
1193221:38:21Sarah Farrow1171:37:571FV4517L45-1stL45-Gold
1264701:39:03Stuart Robinson1281:38:5749MS108  
1322721:39:31Nicola Smith1331:39:256FS21  
1424971:40:21Charlotte Noakes1431:40:117FS22  
1451671:40:54Clive Slator1451:40:3025MV50122  
1463261:41:06Andy Lawrence1471:40:5056MS123  
1503561:41:20Neil Woodley1511:41:1459MS127  
1583611:42:40Kevin Byrne1571:42:235MV60133 V60-Bronze
1632221:43:14Philip Lister1621:42:5127MV50138  
1696491:44:12Iain Mathieson1701:43:5766MS142  
1746241:44:48Paul Brame1751:44:3946MV40147  
207741:49:08David Sawyer2091:48:4532MV50168  
2086521:49:09Rachel Walsh2081:48:4411FS40  
2131241:49:17Anita James2131:49:066FV4542  
2335511:51:51Andrew Sulley2361:51:3861MV40185  pb
2365531:52:07Alison Barry2371:51:417FV4549  
2541341:54:00Graham Norris2541:53:488MV60201  
2552411:54:06Imogen Matthews2551:53:562FV5554L55-2ndL55-Gold
2656261:55:24Jolyon Friedhoff2651:54:5569MV40206  
271411:56:06Matt Walsh2691:55:3693MS211  
272491:56:07Rose Todd2711:55:423FV5561L55-3rdL55-Silverpb
2855891:56:47Linda Macaskill2851:56:2212FV4565  
2926551:58:05Tina Johnson2901:57:2935FV35225  
2994691:58:47Ali Robinson2991:58:2338FV3573  
3001811:58:49Graham Day3001:58:3774MV40227  
3013171:59:07Jennifer Faria3011:58:5414FV4574  
3171272:02:13Sandra Harding-Brown3162:01:4920FV4584  pb
3371162:04:39Martin Allen3372:04:1347MV50241  
3672442:08:40Laura Pearson3692:08:2928FS117  
3786572:11:23Ruth Landreth3782:11:0831FV45123  
3844072:12:53Pamela Smith3852:12:397FV55126 L65-Gold
3864672:13:44Emma Carter3862:13:1061FV35128  
4006152:18:55George Tsverik4002:18:1985MV40260  
422722:40:39Kit Villiers4222:40:2613MV60271   
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Entered by: Barry Cornelius

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