Ridgeway Relays
Date:22 Jun 2003
Distance:89 m
Type:Long distance relay
Full results:http://www.marlboroughrunningclub.org.uk/
Comments:Another great success with wins for the A team, Ladies and Veterans and an 11th place for the B team.
HRR ATeam posLeg TimeLeg PosLeg Pace
Neville Baker301:15:27306:27
Gary Harris100:35:45106:48
Luke McNeill100:52:34306:51
Allison Hirst100:47:02106:33
Ian Meadowcroft101:14:07507:22
John Griffiths101:16:001007:18
Dave Gavaghan101:01:39306:48
Tracy Galbraith100:57:19807:18
Roger Thetford101:12:46906:49
David Burton100:59:42206:23
Total110:12:21 06:53
HRR BTeam posLeg TimeLeg PosLeg Pace
Frank Bailey1201:23:351207:09
Chris Dettmar400:37:54207:13
Dave Robson400:52:27206:50
Alison Barry801:11:512810:00
Martin Allen1001:27:221408:40
Gerald Walker1501:42:112909:49
Will Atkinson1501:11:311407:53
Matty Pipe1301:04:231708:12
Gavin Bird1501:18:281507:22
Laurie Hurman1101:00:32306:28
Total1111:50:14 07:59
HRR LadiesTeam posLeg TimeLeg PosLeg Pace
Marie-Anne Fischer2300:48:241409:12
Helen Peach1801:00:081107:50
Liz Sang1901:03:582008:54
Jude Craft1801:28:071608:45
Jo Choulerton1701:27:462008:26
Diane Moore1601:17:362308:34
Marie Cresswell1601:01:311107:50
Stephen Jones1601:18:261407:21
Helen Turley1401:13:352107:51
Total1412:12:56 08:14
HRR VetsTeam posLeg TimeLeg PosLeg Pace
Barry Burlingham701:19:56706:50
Eddie Shoesmith900:47:371209:03
Gerald Walker1301:06:032308:36
Pam Smith2501:24:453211:48
Graham Norris2301:35:302409:29
Bob Cox2201:24:551408:10
Ged Taylor2001:13:191508:05
Sarah Grylls2101:18:282910:00
Martin Rasgauski2101:21:492007:40
Trevor Witts2001:09:341407:26
Total2012:41:56 08:34
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