Greater Manchester Marathon
Date:28 Apr 2013
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Comments:The first Manchester Marathon was run in 1908 starting and finishing at the Saracen's Head pub in Warburton in Trafford. This was a 20 mile (there was no established distance for a marathon then) run organised by Salford Harriers.

The first ever amateur marathon to be run using the now established marathon distance of 26 miles 385 yard distance was the Manchester Marathon in 1909. This marathon started in Sandbach and went through finished at the Fallowfield Stadium in Manchester.

After a 14 year gap, the Manchester marathon returned and kept the same course from 1923-28 and 1931-36. This route started and finished at the Fallowfield Stadium passing through Cheadle, Timperley, Altrincham, Hale Barns, Styal and Gatley.

From 1969-73 the Maxol marathons started from Manchester Town Hall and finished at Old Trafford football stadium. Manchester Marathons were the run from 1981-85 then from 1996-2002.

After an absence of ten years, the Manchester Marathon returned in 2012!

People complained about no baggage system last year and having to wait over an hour for their bags, they had sorted this out this year.

This year the race was started by Ron Hill who ran the 1st 8 miles and Steve Kenyon.

If you fail to get into London and want a Marathon other than Stratford then this could be the one. If you want a good weekend away with family or friends where there is lots going on and plenty to do then come and do it.

Having only returned last year it still has one or two issues to sort out, most notably this year the results.Many people seem to say their splits are wrong and if you look at the 1st ladies results they don't quite add up. 7000 runners are supposed to have entered but less than 5000 results are published, difficult to believe that 2000 didn't finish! Decent technical finishers T shirt, the biggest medal I have in my collection, enthusiastic crowds, good marshalling and good aid stations make this worth considering.

PB potential a plenty, claims to be the flattest Marathon in the UK and completely traffic free but if you want an interesting route this isn't it. Long long straight roads including dual carriageway's, often running down one side and then returning along the other side for several miles at a time however this does make it good for spectators to see you several times.

The local council need to sort the trams out though, they manage to transport 70,000 Man United fans on a match day but failed to cater for the volume of people on race day.

I won't rush back to do it again unless my team are playing in Manchester again the same weekend like they were this weekend!
PositionBibNameClubSplits 10k10MileHalf20 mileGun TimeChip time
11Dave NormanUnattached32:1153:281:10:281:48:182:20:192:20:18
226539Issy MenziesEdinburgh Athletic Club37:081:01;121:20;152;03:562:42:232:38:51
39783585Graham Day 1:03:361:41:112:11:453:27:154:44:344:40:49
443912060Julia Colston 1:10:581:52:182:26:063:45:275:03:384:58:25
571671200Mary O'BrienUnattached 2:53:24  7:49:547:43:44 
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