Oxon County Road Relays
Date:05 May 2013
Distance:5.1 km
Full results:http://www.thepowerof10.info/resultsfiles/2013/821...
Comments:A hard days work for HRR yielded good results, with the Senior Ladies A team 3rd, Vet Ladies A team 2nd, Senior Men 3rd and Vet Men 3rd. Many people were feeling heavy legged a few days after Motavation but put in strong performances to bring home some silverware.
 3Headington RoadRunners Ladies 'A'
 Leitch, Jessica00:20:28
 Burley, Claire 00:23:52
 Smith, Nicky 00:22:17
 Team 01:06:37
 2Headington RoadRunners Vets Ladies 'A'
 Farrow, Sarah00:23:20
 Hopkins, Adrienne00:21:38
 Craft, Jude00:20:22
 7Headington RoadRunners Ladies 'B'
 Howarth, Clare00:23:30
 Croft, Emma00:23:46
 Scott, Catriona00:25:53
 12Headington RoadRunners Vets Ladies 'B'
 James, Anita00:24:26
 Goldsmith, Julie00:33:47
 Todd, Rose00:27:49
 3Headington RoadRunners Men 'A'
 Eve, James00:17:29
 Robinson, Maxwell00:18:25
 Clarke, Tristan00:20:07
 Byard, Ed00:20:06
 Kunte, Michael00:19:51
 Woods, John00:19:35
 3Headington RoadRunners Vets Men 'A'
 Skilbeck, Richard00:19:07
 Smith, Jason00:19:29
 Hurman, Laurie00:21:39
 Campbell, Fergus00:18:14
 Brame, Paul00:22:43
 Baskerville, Richard00:18:53
 11Headington RoadRunners Men 'B'
 Cowls, Steve00:23:36
 Hathaway, Stuart00:24:49
 Felton, Alistair00:22:39
 Tsverik, George00:26:47
 Barron, David00:25:47
 Norris, Graham00:26:08
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