Silverstone Grand Prix 10k
Date:08 May 2013
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Comments:It is amazing how many runners come out of the woodwork when a race is included in the Road Running Championships! People like Kenny Lowies for example, who tried to remove my shorts just before the off. The Silverstone 10k is simply two laps of the “old circuit”, starting on the grid and finishing in the pit lane. It is a very popular race and very well organised. I entered on the night and due to the A34 (again) arrived half an hour before the start and within 5 minutes had a number and a chip. All finishers got a technical t-shirt too, which is always a bonus.

This is normally a proper PB course – but it does suffer if the wind is up, which it was this evening. We also had a short sharp shower as everyone was waiting for the gun to be fired. Otherwise conditions were good, so please add any PBs. There was a fine showing from the Meadowcroft family, but it looks like dad picked up an injury.
PosNameCatGunChip PosChip Time1st 5k2nd 5k
1Toby Spencer (Coventry Godiva Harriers)MS31:55131:5516:0815:47
60Eleanor Fowler (Nuneaton Harriers)FS37:376037:3518:4318:52
61Lewis FaulknerMS37:436137:4118:3619:05
120Kenny LowiesM4039:4812039:4519:2820:17
142John GriffithsM5540:2414240:2119:5520:26
251Chad MeadowcroftM2043:0925343:0221:3821:24
306Paul BrameM4044:1230944:0621:4922:17
324Alistair FeltonMS44:4032444:2821:3122:57
381Emma CroftFS45:3538145:2622:3822:48pb
450Steve CowlsM5046:5845046:4822:4024:08
451Julian TranterM4047:0245246:5023:0423:46
533Howard MarshallM6048:4653748:3724:0624:31
574Sean BrownM4049:2656249:0424:2324:41
590Ian MeadowcroftM5049:36600 49:3219:0630:26
603Graham NorrisM6049:4860449:4024:4324:57
629Rachel WalshFS50:3263350:1925:0225:17
649Billie MeadowcroftF2051:0065050:4725:0025:47
651David BarronM5551:0465350:5525:0625:49
696Laura PearsonFS52:3370052:2425:2626:58
752Rose ToddF5553:4775253:3326:4326:50
780Sandra Harding-BrownF4554:3278254:1627:0227:14
996Sheila DoelF6565:2699665:0831:2433:44
1050Last finisherMS102:271049102:0450:3151:33
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Entered by: Paul Brame

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