20km of Brussels
Date:26 May 2013
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Comments:Ideal temperature and no rain for this major city centre race (over 30,000 runners out of 37239 entries). Furthest I've ever raced - my huge thanks to the May Sunday runners that I managed it. The slopes out of the tunnels were quite sharp and I could have done without the nasty hill between 18 and 19 km, but the cobbles and tramlines were OK. Drink stations: I'd prefer small cups of water rather than unopened bottles and at mid-point an actual can of Isostar!
Results:10531st overall, 4053rd VM, 9648st M Time 1:44:49 (10k split time 49:56) Might have been quicker in a smaller race but starting in the last wave meant I was overtaking rather than being overtaken....and constant dodging might mean I actually ran a Half!
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Entered by: Stuart Hathaway

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