Man v horse
Date:09 Jun 2013
Comments:This run has historically been 22m but due to forestry work was extended
to 23.7. The extra 1.7m helped to escalate the feeling of desperation
towards the end of the last leg and the hot sun no longer held any pleasure. But the scenary was amazing and it's a fab weekend away and I still managed to beat a horse! (and it had 4legs).
 first horse 2:18:10
 first man 2:46:20
 2nd David Bruce 2:48:24
 Jessica Bruce 3:41:56
 Alex Smith 4:26:12
 Emma Croft 4:26:12
 Alison Barry 4:38:42
 Ursula Schulz 5:03:14
 Charlotte Coles 5:09:42
 Steve Cowls, Mike Davis & Anita James 4:11:43
 Karen Jackson, Kit Villers & Rosemary Cameron 5:04:24
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Entered by: Alison Barry

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