Thame 10k
Date:30 Jun 2013
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Comments:The sun came out in time for the start, so it was a hot -- so hot that Steve Cowls apparantly stopped for a swim on the way round. Very well organized as usual, and lots of great support from the locals, even along the seemingly never-ending Phoenix Trail section of the race. The ladies took home the team prize.
PositionNameGenderCatChip timeGun time
13RICHARD SKILBECKMV4000:36:5800:36:58
31EDWARD BYARDMSEN00:39:3000:39:32pb
34TRISTAN CLARKEMSEN00:39:3600:39:37
37SETH CAYLEYMSEN00:39:4800:39:50pb
39KEN LOWIESMV4000:39:5200:39:54
46ALAN FOULKESMV5000:40:3200:40:36
52JESSICA LEITCHFSEN00:40:5800:41:01
86JOHN GRIFFITHSMV5000:43:0800:43:10
106ADRIENNE HOPKINSFV3500:44:1000:44:16
114JUDITH KALTHOFFFSEN00:44:2300:44:32
118ANDREW SMITHMSEN00:44:3300:44:39
121NICOLA SMITHFSEN00:44:4000:44:45
152ALISTAIR FELTONMSEN00:45:5400:46:04
160DAVID SAWYERMV5000:46:1500:46:26
165STEVE COWLSMV5000:46:2200:46:33
168EMMA CROFTFSEN00:46:2900:46:39
171CLARE HOWARTHFSEN00:46:3100:46:41pb
209SEAN BROWNMV4000:47:4500:48:29
212HOWARD MARSHALLMV60+00:48:2400:48:40
213JULIA COLSTONFSEN00:48:2200:48:41
246RACHEL WALSHFSEN00:49:4800:50:05
256JULIAN TRANTERMV4000:50:0700:50:20
267GRAHAM NORRISMV60+00:50:1500:50:40
285ALISON BARRYFV4500:50:5300:51:09
328DAVID BARRONMV5000:52:1100:52:30
349GRAHAM DAYMV4000:52:4900:53:04
359MANUEL STONEMV5000:53:2400:53:06
419ANDREW SULLEYMV4000:54:3600:55:17
449ROSE TODDFV5500:55:5400:56:06
612LAURA PEARSONFSEN01:01:3601:01:53
642SANDRA HARDING-BROWNFV4501:02:5001:03:13
706KIT VILLIERSMV60+01:05:1801:06:05
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Entered by: David Barron

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