Oxford park run
Date:27 Jul 2013
Comments:On a warm and humid day, HRR put on a good showing with 5 of our 10 runners gaining park run PB's!

Difficult to pick everyone out during the race without our HRR colours on but had no trouble hearing Kenny who likes start at the back claiming injury before annoying as many runners as possible as he breezes past! :-)

I was planning to run the club 5k after the park run so thought I wouldn't push too hard on this one, however a bit of club competition soon gets the pace lifted. Simon had tagged on behind me at the start and seemed determined to give me a race, He pushed me hard for a mile and a half before dropping off the 'blistering pace" I had set. By now we were well into the 2nd lap and I spotted George in his loud orange top (but not as loud as Kenny) not too far ahead.

I was gaining on him and he looked like he was fading as we got to the final incline I started to go past him. I past a couple of words (or was it wind?) which appeared to galvanise a new lease of life into George and he quickly took me up the rest of the incline (nothing like some into club rivalry again) I hadn't seen him respond to anybody else going past him like that, he went on to finish 8 seconds ahead of me.

Meanwhile I managed to finish 29 seconds in front of Simon in a park run PB and also will claim an assist and some excellent pace making in Simon getting a PB as well.

The injured Kenny had finished 21st and could be heard baiting (sorry encouraging us) a good half a mile from the finish!

Well done to Alun and Alex (who I hadn't spotted) and Sheila on their own PB's, good to see Sheila improving again after a difficult couple of years with her health.

So Kenny and I set off for the Club 5K along with Simon who I don't think had intended to do it but succumbed to a a bit of peer pressure or was it an immediate opportunity to try to gain revenge over me?
PositionNameClubTimeCatAge Grading Gender PositionTotal park runs
1Mathieu MarshallOxford City17:37JM15-1976.63%18
2Alun Ward 18.48VM45-4975.44%215pb
18Alex Smith 21.31VM40-4463.90%172pb
21Kenny Lowies 22.14VM45-4964.77%206
33Maddie Langford 23.18SW30-3463.59%319
37Caroline Evans 24.01SW25-2961.62%425
45George Tsverik 24.41VM40-4455.71%3662
48Graham Day 24.49VM45-4958.97%396pb
53Simon Hodkin 25.18VM45-4957.84%4219pb
57Evelyn JoslinRaneleigh Harriers25.56VW45-4961.25%1351
82Sheila Doel 30.51VW65-6967.75%273pb
105Hanno Nickau 36.09VM50-5441.12%6024
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Entered by: Graham Day

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