Chiltern League Round 3 - Milton Keynes
Date:07 Dec 2013
Distance:Women c6k Men c9k
Full results:
Comments:A shortish but physically demanding technical course, all ups and downs and twists and turns. No mud so that was a change. Not much strength to chew team cake afterwards.
Combined Seniors 8th on day (6th in league after 3 races)
Senior Women 5th(5th)
Vet Women 11th(9th)
Senior Men 8th(8th)
Vet Men 5th(4th)
Results:(Division 1 placings)
20Adrienne Hopkins22.51F355
22Rebecca Campbell22.52F16
25Aine Lyng23.02F18
37Nicky Smith24.21F27
42Harriet Griffiths24.37F30
46Charlotte Noakes24.55F32
52Madeleine Ding25.42F33
92Claire Conway31.25F45
99Emma Carter32.57F3521
100Anna Chappell33.33F48
26Maxwell Robinson29.22M20
33Tim Doole29.56M25
42Fergus Campbell30.06M406
62John Woods30.53M40
85Dave Gavaghan32.14M4021
87Richard Skibeck32.17M4022
123John Griffiths34.11M508
136Neville Baker34.47M601
140Alan Darbyshire35.01M5010
141Arthur Walton35.02M73
144Oliver Robertson35.12M74
151Laurie Hurman35.31M5015
179Mark Herd37.33M4056 
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Entered by: John Griffiths

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