Teddy Hall Relays 2014
Date:12 Mar 2014
Comments:Always a lot of fun, and a good excuse to skive off work for an afternoon. A nice sunny day at the Iffley Rd track, organisation seemed better than last time, if you've never done THR before, give it a try next year, if only to look on the faces of bemused tourists.
Results:Mens A Team - Total 1:38:02
Edward Byard22:49.6
Laurie Hurman23:19.6
Ben Balmford25:30.5
David Sawyer26:23.0
Mens B Team - Total 1:59:49
Graham Norris29:21.4
Graham Day29:42.9
Steve Cowls28:58.4
Rich Gibbs31:47.1
Women A Team - Total 1:28:34
Sandra Harding- Brown31:13.4
Diane Evans29:07.6
Alison Barry28:13.7
Previous HRR results:2005, 2014
Entered by: Ed

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