Rotary Shakespeare Marathon/Half Marathon
Date:27 Apr 2014
Comments:Having been unwell a couple of times since the turn of the year with Positional
Vertigo and having been on medication up until about a week before I was
under trained and struggling. Synptoms had stopped about a week previously
and had stopped medication. I had been debating all week if I should run or
not, had done 17 miles, 19 mile and 21.5 in training but had struggled with all
of them. A visit to the Osteopath on Thursday and a 5 miles jog with the dog on
Friday made up my mind, I would go, be prepared for a PW but tick another one
of on the way to 100 Marathons! That's my excuses out the way, now for the race!

The weather forecast had been pretty grim all week, drove through some significant rain on the way up but on arrival was only slightly damp. The plan was to start at the back of the field and try to work my way through what I could, I knew I wasn't fit and didn't want to get dragged along with the Half Marathon runners at the start, I also have a tendency to go off to fast. All was going to plan, felt comfortable but was still a bit concerned because I was going a bit quicker than I had been in training. Was picking off plenty of runners, including a lot of slower Half runners so psychologically it was going well. Got to 11 miles and my Garmin decided to give up on me. The buckle had broken on it during the week and although I had it fixed at the local shop I was concerned that it may go again so had unusually worn my wrist watch as well. So I ran the last 15 miles estimating my time form my wrist watch and asking one or two others for their stop watch time.

There are a couple of inclines on this circuit which the Marathoners have to do twice. The last is about 18 miles, the longest I had run in training without a walking break was 16 so I set my mind to get to that last hill and see if I could run up it which I did. This gave me another boost, a steep decline occurs after this hill which was actually harder than running up it! I managed to keep running up to about 22 and a half miles before having my 1st walk but managed to get going again, I had checked my PW before I left home and new I had to beat 4:53:44 and I new I could now do that if I could keep it going at the rate I was and I achieved that, so all in all not as bad as I had anticipated.

This is a good Marathon to do, my 1st time here and I will I am sure return, nice medal but no goody bag. Would have been nice to have sone other drink at the finish other than just water which I had enough of on the way round. The Marshals were great, very encouraging, plenty of drink stations, the kids on the drink station around 11 and 23 miles you could hear from about a mile away, some vocal support in the town centre at the start and the villages on the way round. Showers and changing available at the finish which is always a good thing and all just an hours drive from Oxford!

Well done to our Half Marathon runners, if there were any PB's plea add or message me to add!
Gun PositionChip PositionNameClub CatGun timeChip Time
11Mark Sands M352;46:452:46:23
638637Graham DayHRRM454:47:404:44:28
732730 LastDavid Moles100 Marathon ClubM555:49:235:44:29
Half Marathon
Gun PositionChip PositionNameClubCatGun TimeChip Time
11David BellCirencester Athletics ClubM1:10:461:10:46
91103Matt CharltonHRRM1:31:391:31:29
176195Kate SergeantHRRF1:36:111:36:00
372401Geoff BurkeHRRM451:44:351;43:41
763838Caroline EvansHRRF1:55:171:54:39
19951995 LastSue Mulvey F554:10:424:10:42
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Entered by: Graham Day

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