Chalgrove Festival 10k
Date:05 May 2014
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Comments:After winning at Maidstone and at Charlton-on-Otmoor and obtaining the fastest overall female leg (and a course record) in the Oxon Road Relays, Diane Moore continued her winning streak by being the first lady today at Chalgrove.

Rachel Hallam was 39 seconds behind Diane and was the second lady (and 1st SL).

Congratulations also to Alan Foulkes who was the 1st MV50, Jessica Bruce who was the 3rd SL, Brian Fiddian who was the 3rd MV60+ and Imogen Matthews who was the 3rd FV55+.

Sandra Harding-Brown decided to take the scenic route to get to Chalgrove. She has e-mailed me to say she did the race "in 1:02:00 as I started at least 17 minutes late! Chalgrove not Charlbury".

Please add any pb or e-mail me and I'll add it.
8497Lewis FaulknerMM400:37:2500:37:25
10237Diane MooreFFV35100:37:3500:37:341st F, 1st FV35
12479Michael PearceMM700:38:1200:38:11pb
13400Rachel HallamFF100:38:1400:38:142nd F, 1st SL
16211Kenny LowiesMMV40400:38:5200:38:51
1786Seth CayleyMM800:38:5300:38:51
22380Tristan ClarkeMM1100:39:2000:39:18pb
25207Nick LeachMM1400:40:2400:40:23
28 72Jessica BruceFF300:40:3000:40:283rd SL
29132Alan FoulkesMMV50100:40:4000:40:381st MV50
32 47Jon BarkerMMV40900:41:0500:41:03
45 84Rebecca CampbellFF400:42:4500:42:39
49468Arthur WaltonMM2600:43:0300:42:55
50427Edward ByardMM2700:43:0600:43:05
51189Judith KalthoffFF500:43:0700:43:00
55206Laura LeachFF600:43:2500:43:22pb
76299Clive SlatorMMV50900:44:3800:44:34
88171Alex HuntlyMM4000:45:2900:44:53
101127Brian FiddianMMV60+300:46:1000:45:583rd MV60+
104146Charlotte GoodallFFV351000:46:2800:46:02
113372Paul BrameMMV402800:47:0100:46:50
119181Matthew JohnsonMMV501700:47:2100:47:12
120333Natasha VarneyFFV351100:47:2300:47:20
124390Alistair FeltonMM5000:47:2900:47:08
130258Rosemary PayneFFV351200:47:4900:47:38
146217Howard MarshallMMV60+700:48:2200:48:14
159403Philip ListerMMV502200:49:0300:48:52
171402David HartwellMMV502500:49:3200:49:30
180291Catriona ScottFFV351800:50:0800:49:54
186221Imogen MatthewsFV55300:50:3000:50:223rd FV55+
187309Andrew SulleyMMV403800:50:3700:50:14
203411Simon ProcterMM7600:51:5400:51:49
21249Alison BarryFFV45900:52:2000:51:59
213251Graham NorrisMMV60+1000:52:2000:51:59
238384Graham DayMMV404400:53:3900:53:17
24585Emma CarterFFV352900:53:5800:53:37pb
25848David BarronMMV504000:54:2200:54:00
294273Thomas Procter-LeggMM9900:56:2600:56:21
32893Richard ClarkeMMV406300:58:1400:57:34
350140Richard GibbsMM10800:59:2900:59:00
401193Jullie KeyserFV55801:05:4701:05:12
408304Pamela SmithFV551001:06:4601:06:11
411116Sheila DoelFV551101:08:0201:07:27
435154Sandra Harding-BrownFFV453801:19:3801:00:30see comments
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Entered by: Barry Cornelius

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