Barlow 10K
Date:10 Jul 2015
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Comments:A village 10k race just north of Chesterfield; this is the "chip butty" race which starts at one pub, and finishes at another. All runners get a chip butty afterwards. See the photos for more..

The first official race in the new HRR club kit, and it turned a few heads - mostly people asking, "where is Headington?!". One chap came over to me and said he's run with HRR before, proving that you cannot go anywhere without meeting someone with a link to the club...

The race itself was good, very warm, and the scenery fantastic...but the hills! Oh god the hills...doing a 10k the night after timetrial was probably not a good idea but its on Clare's club championship so I couldn't really refuse. At only £4 entry, it is a bargain..
Edward ByardSM44:48
Clare HowarthSW44:56
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