Cotswold Classic Witney 10m
Date:20 Sep 2015
Distance:10 miles
Full results:
Comments:Andy Phelps was first MV50. Jessica Bruce was 3rd woman overall, and Rachel Shaw and Charlotte Goodall were 2nd and 3rd LV35 women.

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The mist finally lifted on Sunday morning to unveil a modified route for this well-established rural run: lollipop-shaped, so essentially out-and-back with a long loop at the far end. While the route is not quite as hilly as before it didn't seem to be quite as pretty as before either. But, to be frank, I don't know whether that's because the most scenic bits have been cut or the mist covered them up. The race started with a lap of the school field which helped thin out the crowd before it set up of the narrow first hill where we were asked to take extra care overtaking because of the traffic. The race finished with a lap of the field as well which had mysteriously increased in size while we were away.

Long-sleeved technical t-shirts for the finishers (red this year). The only criticism was that the caterers started cooking the bacon sandwiches right by the start line and before we'd gone. I nearly pulled out. However, the organisers more than made up for that by laying on a brightly-dressed clown to entertain the runners: answering to the name of Kenny, he started near the back and had a cheery word for everyone he passed on his way to finishing much closer to the front.
Place Time Name Category
15 1:00:44 PHELPS, Andy MV50
19 1:01:29 PEARCE, Micael Senior Men
35 1:04:29 CAYLEY, Seth Senior Men
43 1:06:04 CLARKE, Tristan Senior Men
50 1:06:39 BRUCE, Jessica Senior Ladies
52 1:06:56 GRANGE, Huw Senior Men
54 1:07:09 LOWIES, Kenny MV40
58 1:07:40 WOOD, Anthony MV50
69 1:09:26 KALTHOFF, Judith Senior Ladies
78 1:10:49 BARKER, Jon MV40
79 1:10:55 SHAW, Rachel LV35
80 1:11:27 CREMONA-HOWARD, Kevin Senior Men
81 1:11:47 CLARGO, John MV40pb
83 1:12:00 GOODALL, Charlotte LV35
87 1:12:09 DANIELS, Kate Senior Ladies
88 1:12:29 FERRY, Becks LV35
94 1:12:57 BIGLIN, Matt MV50
103 1:14:22 BYRNE, Kevin MV60
114 1:15:34 BRAME, Paul MV40
117 1:16:10 SLATOR, Clive MV50
119 1:16:24 SMITH, Nicola Senior Ladies
128 1:17:27 COWLS, Steve MV50
143 1:19:40 JOHNSON, Matthew MV50
147 1:20:05 PROCTER-LEGG, Thomas Senior Men
155 1:21:13 POUND, Tony MV40
160 1:22:18 PEARCE, Zuzana Senior Ladies
169 1:23:48 MARSHALL, HowardMV60
173 1:25:11 CLARKE,Richard MV50pb
188 1:27:04 DIXON, Tim MV50
193 1:27:56 NORRIS, Graham MV60
202 1:29:29 VARNEY, Natasha LV35
205 1:29:56 Khan, Saeed MV40 pb
223 1:33:58 SULLEY, Andrew MV40
226 1:34:26 KEENAN, Maria LV45
235 1:37:26 DAY, Graham MV50PW
236 1:37:51 GIBBS, Richard Senior Men
246 1:41:37 DAY, Geraldine LV45
252 1:53:32 Pam Smith LV65
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