Thetford Iceni Marathon
Date:13 Sep 2015
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Comments:The first running of a mostly off-road out & back
marathon in Norfolk & Suffolk. Setting off in Thetford it
loops round part of the parkrun course by the river,
before doubling back to head off out of the royal
residence of Boudica, Queen of the Iceni.

Passing the Nunnery Lakes nature reserve and skirting RAF
Honington and then traversing woodland and farmland into
Suffolk reaching the entrance to Euston Hall & Gardens.

A quick stop at the checkpoint 3 (where the half
marathoners left us), and time to retrace our steps back
to Norfolk. Not the easiest of courses, and (very
detailed and thorough) course directions required to
follow (remembering to turn left at the yellow "warning
guard dogs" sign, hidden from view on the return leg as
it was facing the other way...)

I stuck with two friends for the whole race to ensure
that I didn't get lost. Each of us took it in turns to
point the other two right when we were about to go wrong.

A chunky Boudica medal and a bottle of Norfolk beer (and
crisps & chocolate) awaited us at the finish, which was a
short dash up the main shopping street in Thetford where
the locals were out to cheer us on.

Very low key, but overall a quite enjoyable d├ębut
marathon. The only downside is the return leg really
didn't feel as flat as the outward one!
Position Name Time
1 First Male 03:53:59
2 = First Lady 04:51:36
3 = First Lady 04:51:36
25 Ulen Neale 05:37:41
42 Last Finisher 07:51:56
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Entered by: Ulen Neale

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