Loch Ness Marathon
Date:27 Sep 2015
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Comments:7am and the cool mist clears and the red morning sky
fades as the sun begins to brighten up the day. 2,000+
eager runners board coaches in Bught Park, Inverness for
the 42 mile trip to Whitebridge - over an hour's journey
- the long way around Loch Ness to the start. We get to
run back the quick way!

And quick it is - with 7 of the first 9 miles downhill,
you can get off to a great start in this magnificently
scenic race, no surprise it's often voted in the top 10
best marathons in the UK.

The weather was kind, sunny but cool. I took advantage of
the fast first half and just kept going as best I could
through to the finish back in Bught Park, surprising
myself with my best time for nearly a year.

You even get a tin of Baxters Soup in the goody bag too,
and you don't get much more Scottish than that!
Pos.No.NameGun TimeChip TimeChip Pos.GenderGender Pos.Cat.Cat. Pos.
13404 First Male2:25:192:25:191Male1MS1
163481First Female2:44:502:44:4916Female1FS1
11841376Ulen Neale4:19:494:14:181112Male902M40343
241356Last Finisher8:16:228:10:342413Female895F40321
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Entered by: Ulen Neale

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