Round Norfolk Relay
Date:18 Sep 2016
Distance:198 miles
Full results:
Comments:Another good weekend in Norfolk with a team made up of all ages and including first timers as well as old hands - John and Neville received awards for their twentieth appearances. HRR were 41st team out of 58 altogether and 18th out of 24 in the Club class. Some of us were lucky with the weather while those on the early legs, David S. and Kevin in particular, had to contend with high winds. Our total time was 27:42:12, only 35 minutes outside our estimate.
Huge thanks once again to Mary for making it all happen so smoothly.
StageRunnerAgeCat MilesTimePaceAG percent AG RankStage posCat PosCat AG PosStage/ sex
1David Sawyer60MM16.3202:36:2909:3559.169347273542
2Kevin Byrne62MM14.0602:03:3908:4864.945451292945
3Edward Byard35MS5.7600:46:3008:0454.48371924213
4Maria Frykfors24LS11.1401:26:5307:4863.9488253275
5Laurie Hurman62MM10.8101:27:4308:0769.42641711516
6Amy Johnson25FS7.901:04:3408:1060.46363133710
7Lynn Featherstone34FS9.2401:15:2908:1061.06124224213
8Marie-Anne Fischer55LM7.5201:03:4108:2870.124340162320
9David Crosthwaite48MM16.602:15:1208:0962.754741194334
10Ulen Neale45MM18.302:53:0209:3351.390854295445
11Mark Jones57MM12.4501:27:0106:5977.5461811417
12Philip Lister61MM19.6702:45:1508:2468.828739172433
13Clare Howarth35LM13.2501:43:1507:4865.0449364318
14Sandra Harding-Brown51LM7.2701:07:1909:1660.962555144419
15John Griffiths58MM10.5901:15:5607:1075.4842271317
16Mike Dunn71MM5.4900:58:2310:3855.781055244432
17Neville Baker62MM11.7301:31:5107:5072.215739161434
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Entered by: Philip Lister

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