Chiltern League Round 1 - Oxford Shotover
Date:15 Oct 2016
Distance:Women c6.5k Men c9k
Full results:
Comments:Beautiful sunshine, good company and support, and a mud free Shotover!!
In Div2
Overall 2nd team
Combined senior teams 1st
Men 2nd team(17pts behind)
Women 1st team(4pts ahead)
It's going to be a very close season every point and position will count.
WomenDiv 2
4Diane Moore21.55F351
10Rachel Shaw23.54F352
18Maria Frykfors24.59F11
21Corinna Abesser25.26F356
23Harriet Griffiths25.53F12
26Maddie Ding25.57F14
48Anita James28.02F4512
76Sandra Harding-Brown32.34F4524
84Katie King33.15F3528
85Jackie Duvall33.31F558
86Emma Carter-Biggs33.34F3529
MenDiv 2
3Sam O'Neill31.41M3
6Chris Dettmar32.05M401
11Richard Ashby32.33M9
24Antony Hanner Hopwood34.28M405
25Kenny Lowies34.35M502
33Richard Skilbeck35.19M4010
35Seth Cayley35.26M20
37Roger Thetford35.39M504
39Mark Richards35.44M505
44Dave Gavaghan36.02M507
54Joe d'Angelo36.50M28
55Mark Jones36.59M509
79Richard Kennedy39.33M5015
80John Griffiths39.44M5016
91Simon Ross41.04M42
95Lawrie Hurman41.21M601
108Chris Turnbull42.23M37
119Saeed Khan45.15M4034
136Kit Villiers66.10M701
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Entered by: John Griffiths

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