NYSD Cross Country League Whitby
Date:23 Oct 2016
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Comments:My passion for XC led me to run as a guest in the North Yorks
and South Durham league race in Whitby while on holiday
nearby. A great range of terrain, stunning views of Whitby
Abbey and the steepest climb I've come across in a race.
Really friendly and a very familiar XC league set up. Then a
quick jog across town to join my family and friends eating the
best fish and chips in the country* by the pier. In the rain.
A great British afternoon.

* Magpie Cafe
26Fergus Campbell35:352nd V45
46Simon Rutherford37:17Occasional HRRfirst claimDarlington Harriers
183 finishers 10 teams scoring
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Entered by: Fergus Campbell

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