Chiltern League Round 3 - Stopsley Common, Luton
Date:03 Dec 2016
Distance:c.5.5k Women c.8.5k Men
Full results:
Comments:Beautiful afternoon in the sunshine on a windy hill top, great company and
wonderful cake. Two minibus loads of Team HRR landed and raced well to
consolidate our overall 2nd place in Div2. The brilliant women's team are
leading their competition and the men are 2nd. In the veterans standings
the men are first and women 2nd. It's all bubbling along nicely, everything is
possible with a massive turn out on the 14th Jan.
Division 2 Positions
2Diane Moore21.38F351
4Liz Barker22.14F352
8Amy Johnson23.41F3
12Maria Frykfors24.23F5
13Harriet Griffiths24.33F6
15Maddie Ding24.52F8
27Kate Sergeant26.14F3510
55Sandra Harding-Brown30.13F4517
59Katie King31.08F3521
64Jackie Duvall31.51F554
66Emma Carter-Biggs32.44F3522
6Chris Dettmar30.52M401
14Simon Kerr32.05M9
18Fergus Campbell32.11M404
20Peter Leek32.26M13
29Kenny Lowies33.03M502
31Richard Skilbeck33.13M409
39Dave Gavaghan34.30M504
46John Griffiths35.41M506
48Doug Simpson35.43M507
50Alan Darbyshire35.45M508
53Steve Ireland35.55M4019
80Lawrie Hurman39.24M603
83Chris Turnbull39.50M29
85Neville Baker39.59M604
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Entered by: John Griffiths

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