SEAA Masters Cross country champs
Date:10 Dec 2016
Distance:10 /6 km
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Comments:Really nice course through the woods at Shotover. Not much mud and only a small part of the big hill. The men all did 10k and the ladies 6k. The early races missed the rain but I think the M40s got a bit wet.

Note from Fergus - The M40s, who ran 3 hours and about 9 races later, did get wet and VERY muddy. The "nice" new course Laurie enjoyed in the morning was very treacherous in places by 2pm after the heavy rain. No big hills, but lots of little ups and downs all with a sharp turn at the bottom. In the mud. But that's why we love cross country running.
16th M60-64Laurie Hurman 42:28
10th M55-59Mark Richards37:58
10th M50-54Kenny Lowies35:28
20th L50-54Anita James29:31
12th L60-64 Jackie Duval33:43
34th M40-44Danny Axford36:12
11th M45-49Fergus Campbell36:00
18th M45-49Chris Prince37:26
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