Oxon County XC Champs
Date:07 Jan 2017
Distance:Senior/Vet Men 11k, Women, Over 60 Men 8k
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Comments:The mist had lifted by the start of the races so there was a good view over the hilly course, with the former stately home, now a school, behind us. The Senior Men's team were second, the Vet Men's team were first, and Kenny was second M50. The over 60 men started with the other men but did one lap fewer. Mary ran in the general women's race but as part of the Bucks Championship, hence her position not in order with the rest.
Senior/Vet men
13EVE, James40:09M40
15KERR, Simon40:53MS
21LOWIES, Kenny42:42M50
24AXFORD, Danny43:20M40
26SKILBECK, Richard43:45M40
32CAYLEY, Seth44:25MS
35PRINCE, Chris44:35M40
38PHELPS, Andy45:53M50
49WALTON, Arthur47:14MS
52SIMPSON, Doug47:42M50
56GRANGE, Huw47:59MS
58D'ANGELO, Joe48:04MS
60THETFORD, Roger48:29M50
61BREMNER, Daniel48:30MS
65HENNING, Duncan49:28M40
80TURNBULL, Chris52:43MS
Over 60 men
5BAKER, Neville37:32M60
6HURMAN, Laurie38:00M60
14VILLIERS, Kit59:42M60
27DING, Madeleine39:55FS
28TURLEY, Helen39:56F55
39GIANNOUSI-VARNEY, Natasha42:48F35
47WINDER, Rosie46:06F35
49KING, Katie46:53F35
52DUVALL, Jackie47:24F55
53HARDING-BROWN, Sandra48:50F45
54CARTER-BIGGS, Emma49:56F45
41RUSSELL, Mary59:43F55 (Bucks County Champs)
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Entered by: Philip Lister

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