Chiltern League Round 5 - Campbell Park, Milton Keynes
Date:11 Feb 2017
Distance:c.5.6k women c.8.4 Men
Full results:
Comments:The finale to a great season with a great group of people winning
promotion back to Div 1. Quite a roll of honour.
2nd Overall club (promoted)
1st Combined senior team
1st Women's team
2nd Men's team
2nd Women's Veteran team
1st Men's Veteran team
1st M40 Chris Dettmar 3rd M40 Fergus Campbell
2nd M50 Kenny Lowies
1st M60 Laurie Hurman
3rd Senior Harriet Griffiths
1st F35 Diane Moore
Division 2 Results
3Diane Moore21.57F351
7Amy Johnson23.39F4
14Harriet Griffiths24.41F7
17Maddie Ding25.11F10
22Cat Scott26.02F356
27Michelle Reid26.29F359
30Helen Turley26.53F552
44Rosie Winder29.16F3518
47Katie King29.35F3520
59Sandra Harding-Brown31.33F4516
65Jackie Duvall32.22F556
66Emma Carter-Biggs33.19F3526
71Flora Tavener Ballester38.08F19
7Chris Dettmar30.11M402
8Fergus Campbell30.23M403
11Peter Leek30.34M7
16Kenny Lowies31.20M502
18Richard Skilbeck31.38M406
21Antony Hanner Hopwood31.53M408
30Dave Gavaghan33.00M504
41Doug Simpson34.17M506
63Chris Turnbull37.05M21
67Laurie Hurman37.36M603
105Philip Lister45.42M608
Andy PhelpsDNF - injury
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Entered by: John Griffiths

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