Vienna City Marathon
Date:23 Apr 2017
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Comments:Lovely city to run around!

Started off looking to run 7min miles (just under 3:05
pace) this tricky in first few kilometers as there was a
lot of traffic. Settled into a decent rhythm in second
10k/quarter. Came half way in 1:32:50 but not panicked
after the tricky first 5k.

In second half was less concerned to hold myself to 7min
miles and more just to push on, though not too much until
20 mile mark. By the time i reached there i still felt i
physically had enough but was mentally struggling to push
myself and wish for the end!

Last couple of ks clearly had something in the tank but V
happy with outcome.
Results:03:03:50 pb
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Entered by: John Fenning

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