Berlin Marathon
Date:24 Sep 2017
Comments:My race journal by Tristan Clarke:

It was a wet day in Berlin but everyone seemed pumped and in good spirits heading into the start pens, the elites were introduced including, Kipchionge, Kipsang & Bekele, they looked somewhat non-plussed by the weather. A video montage then counted down to the race start with people from different countries pumping up their particular nations, Chile, Mexico, Italy, Germany, USA all got big cheers, then the British one came on... (reserved silence). As the final few seconds arrived the crowd began to count down the blue balloons were released and it was off, well a bit of shuffling to the start line then off. With 44,000 entries for this world major, it was always going to be a crowded start and my GPS watch really struggled to get an accurate reading so my first 3 miles were 6:50, 5:58 and 6:48 despite feeling all the same. However after mile 3, I settled into a rhythm and never varied outside 6:20-6:35 per mile, I went over half way in 1:25:23 and felt very comfy, I thought I’d push on in the last few miles to duck under 2:50 however a man in an off white wife beater, with a big tache, wobbled into my path around mile 24 and the sudden deceleration caused my right hamstring to cramp. I stopped my watch as I kneaded it out and carried on, this buggered up my perfect stats as I recorded a 6:50 minute mile. However I got back on track, with the last mile back to 6:30 range and as I popped through the Brandenburg Gate, I pumped the air as I'd nailed the 2:50 as planned and got a new PB and also a New York qualifying time by 5 minutes. For the second half of the race I'd recorded, 1:25:22, exactly the same as the first, so I was super happy with that.

My race highlights included the bands playing as you went round, the cheerleaders and general support. The best highlight though was the kids who having read the name on my bib, started yelling out 'Hey Tristan you want Banana, come on have Banana' then after I'd grabbed two chunks of banana 'Yay Tristan's the man.' After the race I grabbed a poncho and watched the finish line from the side of the Brandenburg Gate, I was there for a good 45 minutes, everyone was so happy to finish and people were hugging and taking selfies in front of the arches. Its moments like this which make me love running, I think for a while at least I’m done with watch watching and will try enjoy my next few marathons without worrying about time, so I can have more of those Banana moments. If you can get a place I thoroughly recommend this race :)
BibNameAge CatPositionAge Cat PositionTime
15998Tristan ClarkeM3577919102:50:44pb
3161Klaus ScheerM457254127303:33:49
38875Ursula SchulzW4592611103:36:14
38221Emily SchmidtW30184536703:50:59
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