Welsh National XC Championships
Date:24 Feb 2018
Comments:Off I went to Swansea for the Welsh XC championship in Singleton Park by
the seaside . An easy parkrun in the morning and then a long wait until 2.55
for the start . One small lap and three big laps in this 10k XC plus we also
ran thru a marquee with people having a cuppa while watching. A super
fast start down hill and the small lap was done in no time but then the hills
came long inclines which sapped the energy from the runners legs in the
mud so tactics were called for , easy up and fast down . At halfway with two
big laps left some runners were shot and I started to overtake and make my
way up the field. With 800 meters to the finish I couldn't catch the runners
in front of me but the runners behind me couldn't catch me either so I
cruised in hands above my head in joy .
A great day and a great result as I came 50th overall with a Bronze Medal
in the vet 50 category
I never thought I'd get a medal at a National event , especially wearing my Headington kit
Pos 50 time 37.01 number 359 name Kenny Lowies cat 3
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Entered by: kenny lowies

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