The Big Half - London
Date:04 Mar 2018
Distance:1/2 Marathon
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Comments:A great day in London to be part of this international event, first half marathon of its kind. Graham Day once again arranged a coach service for the runners and their supporters, some were literally dragged out of bed to make it for the 5:30am departure from Oxrad.

The race start time was 9am, which left everyone plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere, take photos by the loos and shake hands with Sir Mo.

Andrew Smith and Trevor Williams were well placed to ensure they greeted the runners several times during the 13.1miles. Some fantastic photos were taken by both which were greatly appreciated by the runners.

The course was fairly flat, friendly atmosphere, well marshalled & supported.
I can see this being a regular event for HRR and the coach may have to be much bigger in the coming years.

Sir Mo did win the race!
NamePositionPosition in Age GroupFinish Time
Christopher Dettmar11631:14:54
Saeed Khan10971021:33:04
Trevor Siefers23691211:44:08
Stephanie Bird28914111:47:31
Adrian Palmer36441831:52:09
Mahmood Khan39194801:53:46pb
Ian Homer54354752:01:21
Sandra Harding-Brown56531182:02:41
Sharon Merrill60681962:05:01
Edit Greenhill680215502:09:46
Caroline Dean689624752:10:27
Tayfun Osman69315712:10:39
Susan Cassettari6966462:10:52pb
Linda Jennings6985472:10:57pb
Graham Day70673352:11:31
Helen Huggins71472742:11:56
Graham Norris7286222:12:49
Jullie Keyser7553612:14:38
Marcella Luckett759118072:14:54
Claudette bishop78554892:16:55
Helen Reed792619302:17:22pb
Kelly Homer80263552:18:14
Sam Bates805319712:18:25pb
Ulen Neale80546272:18:25
Helen Smith92784712:29:43
Geraldine Day100763432:40:34
Sarah Ledingham100771322:40:35
Sarah Leach100783442:40:35
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