Copenhagen Marathon
Date:13 May 2018
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Comments:A lovely city for a flat marathon and potential PB course.

Friendly atmosphere, the right amount of crowd support who cheered all the way through. The set-up was very efficient, the roads were very good (no potholes).

The weather was warm on the day and even with an earlier start it was 22deg within 2 hours of running. They were well prepared with lots of showers, plenty of water (on one side only), lots of sports drinks (both in plastic cups). The drink stations also had fruit, energy bars & gels.
Sid's previously injured Achilles started to hurt by mile 8, and had to limp the next 18 miles which couldn't have been fun.

At the end of the race, you get a medal, a finishers running top, a free massage, plenty of coca-cola, hot chocolate, cinnamon buns, fruit, energy bars etc.

Copenhagen generally is expensive for eating out and drinking. If you book the Airbnb and flights in advance its very affordable. (which we didn't)

Their metro system is very good, and so are the trains and the buses. The designated cycle lanes on both sides are used throughout the day and everyone cycles at speed, so you need to be careful when crossing roads or coming off buses.
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6665Saeed KhanM45-493:23:5696
6609Siddiq KhanM40-443:47:14320
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