Hooky 6 Road Race
Date:05 Aug 2018
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Comments:This is becoming a common theme this summer, but this race was
run in very hot conditions. The late start of 10:30 didn't help and
the second lap was noticeably hotter than the second with much
less shade available and the tarmac soaking up the sun. But it is still
a very scenic race with a nice atmosphere. Many HRR regulars at
this race missed out as it was sold out before the day for the first
time. Luckily Sheila Doel was well organised and ran her 12th
consecutive race there. Congratulations to Emily Georgiades for
winning her age cat and coming in third lady. Congratulations too to
Kevin Byrne for coming 2nd in his age category. And congrats to
everyone for finishing in those conditions.
PosNameTimeGun TimeCatCatP
9James Eve00:36:0500:36:03MV 404
20Tristan Clarke00:38:0900:38:06M sen12
24Seth Cayley00:38:4800:38:48M sen16
30Daniel Bremner00:39:2300:39:21M sen18pb
32Carl Gaden00:39:4000:39:40MV 504
36Mark Jones00:40:2000:40:16MV 506
53Paul Brame00:41:2800:41:28MV 4018pb
56Emily Georgiades 00:41:5000:41:40F sen1
89Jonathan Flemming00:44:4600:44:33M sen29
90Charlotte Sugden00:44:4800:44:36F sen5
98Susie Power00:45:1300:45:02F sen8
103Kevin Byrne00:45:2900:45:19MV 602
119Esther Johnson00:47:2100:47:10FV 456
145Elizabeth Turner00:49:0700:48:51FV 4511
149Stephanie Bird00:49:2400:49:03F sen16
154Trevor Siefers00:49:4800:49:29MV 5028
184Howard Marshall00:51:5700:51:57MV 6011
190Imogen Matthews00:53:0100:52:41FV 558
196Jill Thomas00:53:2500:53:04FV 3518
197Adrian Palmer00:53:2600:53:04MV 5035
209Jackie Duvall00:54:4000:54:18FV 5510
229Graham Norris00:55:5700:55:57MV 6015
256Katie King00:58:0900:57:48FV 3528
267Sandra Harding-Brown 00:58:5700:58:57FV 4530
297Helen Reed01:02:4801:02:24F sen30
337Niamh Tuite01:12:5701:12:34FV 4547
350Sheila Doel01:19:4001:19:17FV 65+4 
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Entered by: Jackie Duvall

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