Round Norfolk Relay
Date:15 Sep 2018
Full results:
Comments:A glorious weekend for the 60 teams competing in the RNR,
couldn't have asked for better weather. Several notable
age-graded performances, not least Mr V60 Griffiths; we had
fun and we finished within 10 minutes of our planned time
(not bad after 27 hours!)
Doug Simpson2:10:052:10:0507:4269.135
Clare Howarth1:59:294:09:3408:4159.046
Laurie Hurman0:46:324:56:0608:0568.623
Suzy Dixon1:31:016:27:0708:1061.425
David Sawyer1:47:028:14:0909:5456.946
Ulen Neale1:09:559:24:0408:5154.944
Marie-Anne Fischer1:20:0410:44:0808:4070.846
Ed Byard1:06:5111:50:5908:5350.642
Sam Bates3:07:3614:58:3511:1845.060
Saeed Khan2:13:0917:11:4407:2169.026
Neville Baker1:44:0818:55:5208:2269.140
John Fenning2:11:2721:07:1906:4169.616
Philip Lister1:49:2422:56:4308:1569.642
Graham Norris1:08:2224:05:0509:2463.252
Andy Phelps1:16:1925:21:2407:1273.720
Niamh Simpson1:01:5226:23:1611:1646.658
John Griffiths1:23:4027:46:5607:0877.823
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Entered by: Mary Russell

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