Chiltern XC League Round 1 - Oxford Shotover
Date:13 Oct 2018
Distance:Women 5.85km Men 8.9km
Comments:A strong HRR representation as hoped for at our home fixture with 17 Women and 23 men getting us off to a solid start to our Chiltern League XC season. Sunny, warm and windy conditions for this one (the tent just made it!) with sand and dust underfoot. Not even a hint of mud. Team Results: 10th overall as a club - 9th for the men and 11th for the women. Senior Women and Men both placed 6th while Vet Women placed an excellent 2nd and Vet Men 3rd. A great start for Fergus in his age category.
24Kate Daniels24:42:00
31Amy Johnson25:15:00
35Yvonne Morris25:38:00
44Charlotte Sugden26:27:00
50Maddie Ding27:10:00
62Natasha Varney28:41:00
66Helen Turley29:06:00
67Alison Barry29:13:00
68Nicky Hare29:15:00
73Anita James29:42:00
96Jackie Duvall31:42:00
99Sandra Harding-Brown32:07:00
102Rosie Winder32:35:00
105Katie King32:50:00
107Rosemary Cameron33:21:00
113Julia Haynes34:56:00
121Sarah Leach43:21:00
33Tom Wilner-Reid32:14:00
44Duncan Lawrence33:02:00
47Fergus Campbell33:17:002nd M50
51Harry Geddes33:32:00
63Anthony Aimon34:10:00
75Mika Vesterinen34:50:00
77John Fenning34:52:00
85Jason Smith35:16:00
89Michael Pearce35:37:00
99Seth Cayley36:19:00
105Richard Skilbeck36:29:00
108Andy Phelps36:40:00
109Doug Simpson36:42:00
110Rob Hallifax36:43:00
111Simon Dales36:48:00
125Kenny Lowies37:25:00
128Alan Darbyshire37:35:00
138Roger Thetford38:09:00
147Matt Wallen38:39:00
189Mark Herd43:06:00
203Kevin Byrne46:03:00
215Andrew Sulley51:57:00
224Kit Villiers79:34:00
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Entered by: Richard Skilbeck

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