Oxford Town and Gown 10k
Date:12 May 2019
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Comments:A large contingent of HRR competitors, and perhaps a larger contingent of HRR supporters, turned out on a bright sunlit day for Oxford’s premier community fun run. Boasting over 5,000 competitors, the race is a major event in the city calendar. The club enjoyed considerable podium success with, most significantly, Diane Foster winning the women’s race, a remarkable achievement in this prestigious event. Other category winners were Simon Dales (M50), Mark Jones (M60) and Phil Kimber (M70). We enjoyed a podium clean sweep in the M50 category with Simon followed home closely by Tim Betts and Carl Gaden. In addition to being first HRR man home and a top 20 finisher, Julien Lhomme was second in M40, a particularly competitive category. Other top 10 category finishers were Maddie Ding (F35), Yvonne Morris (F45), Jackie Duvall (F55), Cathy Davies (F65), David Sawyer (M60) and Graham Norris (M70+). More important than all of that was the fact that many of our members enjoyed participating in this wonderful race around the best parts of this beautiful city.
NameGen posCatCat placeChip timeChip place
Julien Lhomme18M40234:4718
Nathan Blunden42MO3636:1042
Mika Vesterinen45MO3936:2045
Tom Willner-Reid46MO4036:2247
Diane Foster1F35137:0057
Richard Ashby57MO4737:0458
Simon Dales81M50137:5583
Tim Betts95M50238:14103
Carl Gaden106M50338:24111pb
Mark Jones167M60139:40182
Jesper Ekelund168MO13139:40185pb
Joe D'Angelo175MO13639:52189
Alex Langford177MO13839:57196
Phil Rees230MO17640:49254
James Messer243M404040:57267
Paul Brame248M404241:08279
Peter Hellawell273MO20341:22302
Liam Clogger295M501941:53337
Dawid Dulawa332MO24042:23378
Chris Woodruff338M502442:37391
Stuart Crook356M407142:56409
Yvonne Morris31F45643:06430
Richard Sullivan418M408443:26470
Amy Johnson36FO2443:33483
Matthew Wright438MO31043:39493
John Clargo461M503944:01542
Angus Grant523M4011044:50617
Madeleine Ding50F35944:53622
Howard Cook546M505145:01645
Jenny Peebles72FO4945:55729
Jonathan Flemming654MO43446:49847
Esther Johnson84F451146:51852
Phil Kimber660M70+146:53856
Rebecca Styant94F351746:56867
Adam Prewett802MO52347:08894
Alex Tester686M4014447:08896
David Sawyer716M60747:32954
Christine Childs113F451647:35960pb
Tori Wells120FO7847:40977
Adam England778MO50848:381143
Robin Collins146F451948:471166
Ian Homer823M4017848:501174
Ursula Schulz230F453049:171248
Julian Tranter885M4019149:261265
Natasha Varney221F452849:371295
Juliette Westbrook170FO10749:371296 pb 1st one
Ashley Smith1073MO67850:121397
Jill Thomas203F452650:221411
Tim Wraith997M5011850:311435
Claire Hanratty276F453450:391460pb
Diane Evans654F4510650:511488
Martin Lee1195M4026251:461603
Jackie Duvall334F55652:081671pb
Chiara Trentin281FO18652:221704
Corrado De Candia1300MO81052:391744
Abigail Williams387F454952:481782
Sandra Harding-Brown404F455453:251897
Lucy Welch421FO27053:381942
Grace West681FO41554:092015
Chris Jones1427M5018554:502151
Helen Huggins489F456754:502532pb
Kate Elliott735F3514855:092216
Graham Day 1469MV5019457:042578
Alison Kennedy583F551957:262635
Harriet Brinton730F3514757:502705
Graham Norris1622M70+657:532722
Matthew Goff1625M4035957:542725pb
Claudia Koch1293F4523459:563065pb 1st one
Cathy Davies1477F65+81:03:103430
Claudette Bishop1420F452501:04:513633
Paul Nicholls2071M404531:05:553753
Rosanah Holmes1663F353731:06:103775 pb 1st one
Sarah Leach1531F452761:06:323809
Abi Johnston1978F354431:13:304204
Niamh Tuite1981F453721:13:354212
Hanno Nickau2247M503591:15:504275
Kit Villiers2284M70+131:26:134439
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Entered by: Mark Jones

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