Frankfurt marathon
Date:27 Oct 2019
Comments:I chose Frankfurt for my sub 3 attempt because it’s famous for being flat
and fast. That might be true for the elite runners but for me the first 5 miles,
through winding city streets and bottlenecks, with the rest of the sub 3
pack, were challenging. The water stations were chaos and my number got
half ripped off my vest at one. I managed to keep with the pace despite all
that but by 22 miles I was spent and had almost no time buffer left. I hung
in there somehow until 25 miles and then threw everything I had into the
last mile. With 45 seconds to go I couldn’t even see the festival hall which
housed the finish line, and I had less than 30 seconds left when I went
through the door. I just hoped I could get across the hall in time. And I did.

Thank you to everyone that helped me train and prepare. On the day I needed every last bit of it.
Results:Alex Langford 2:59:44
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Entered by: Alex Langford

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