Banbury 15
Date:15 Mar 2020
Distance:15 miles
Full results:
Comments:Wet conditions for this long out and back race on country

Good results for Headington RR with James Eve 3rd MV40,
Carl Gaden 1st MV50, Yvonne Morris 2nd FV45, Steve Cowls
1st MV60, Phil Kimber 1st MV70 and Robin Collins 2nd FV55.
PosNameTimeNet timeCatCat posGenderGender pos
4James Eve1:27:481:27:47MV 403Male4club record
9Julien Lhomme1:32:061:32:06MV 406Male9
13Harry Geddes1:34:461:34:45M Sen6Male13
17Marcus Hill1:36:271:36:23MV 409Male16
18Carl Gaden1:36:571:36:53MV 501Male17
26Sid Khan1:41:071:40:55MV 4012Male25
35Kevin Cremona-Howard1:42:421:42:38MSen13Male33
43Douglas Simpson1:43:541:43:44MV 509Male40
45Mike Healey1:44:271:44:14MV 4019Male42
58Justin Davey1:50:451:50:33MV 4024Male52
66Madeleine Ding1:53:351:53:25FV 357Female12
68Yvonne Morris1:53:571:53:48FV 452Female14
98Steve Cowls1:58:571:58:47MV 601Male71
101Charlotte Sugden2:01:282:01:28F Sen8Female20
110Phil Kimber2:03:552:03:45MV 701Male86club record
135Tim Dixon2:10:152:10:15MV 5026Male99
148Ian Homer2:14:402:14:27MV 5029Male106
149Jill Thomas2:14:412:14:26FV 4512Female43
150Robin Collins2:14:412:14:31FV 552Female44
169Sean Collins2:23:082:23:08MV 5031Male116
170Kelly Homer2:23:192:23:07FV 4515Female54
180Hannah Grayson2:26:392:26:26F Sen18Female58
202Graham Day2:36:012:35:47MV 5038Male133
206Sarah Ledingham2:43:132:42:56FV 557Female70
207Jullie Keyser2:43:502:43:30FV 558Female71
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Entered by: Madeleine Ding

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