Hallowe'en Club 5k
Date:31 Oct 2020
Comments:Following the summer lockdown, this was the first race
for a long time for many runners, and the first 5k
distance for even longer due to the lack of the club 5k
series and with Parkrun having been cancelled for so
long. The weather did not look promising but those who
got out before 9:30am or waited until late afternoon
avoided the worst of the rain and gales although fairly
strong winds were present throughout the day. Despite
this being a virtual race due to the "rule of six" most
runners opted to run the official club 5k course and many
were able to meet up in small groups and help spur each
other on resulting in several PBs. There were a few
murmurings about the course being slightly short, but we
have been assured that the signage was in the correct
place and the course was officially measured as described
at https://hrr.org.uk/5k/

Congratulations and well done to all the participants,
and thanks for helping raise well over £100 for OXSRAD.

Age grading was calculated using the 2015 tables found at

(Note Oliver and Lee's results came in late, apologies to those who got bumped down as a result)
PosNameAge catTimeAge Grade (percent)
1Rob HallifaxMV4017:3978.8pb
2Fergus Campbell MV5017:5483.7
3Mike HealeyMV4018:1278.7pb
4Peter HellawellMSen19:0168.3pb
5Oliver NeelyMSen19:0767.9pb
6Rupert CousensMV4019:1474.4
7Chris TurnbullMSen19:4167.8
8Lee SprungMV4020:0172.6pb
9Justin DaveyMV4020:0471.9pb
10Alan DarbyshireMV5020:1477.0
11Paul BrameMV5020:4471.2
12Mark JonesMV6020:4977.3
13Duncan HenningMV5021:3769.8
14Michelle ReidFV3522:1768.5
15Tim DixonMV5022:5468.0pb
16Robin CollinsFV5523:2275.6pb
17Anita JamesFV5524:0072.8
18Saeed KhanMV5024:0661.2
19Adrian PalmerMV5024:0762.6
20Jane QuinlanFV4524:5868.4pb
21Alison HowarthFV3525:4857.8
22Claudia KochFV4526:5661.3
23Laura EptonFV3529:2052.7
24Niamh SimpsonFV4534:4546.5
25Kit VilliersMV7041:5546.4
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Entered by: Mike Healey

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