Date:26 Aug 2021
Comments:Good HRR turnout for the only Motivation race of the season.
Great to be racing again, even if not the most exciting of
courses. Fitting tribute to Mike Dunmore, founder of the
Motivation Series before the race.
PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCategory Position
10125Neil Pinnell22:29VM403
1558John Fenning23:44SM10
1924Seth Cayley24:09VM406
23137Daniel Rings24:38VM408
2833Rupert Cousens24:54VM409
33178Tom Willner-Reid25:20SM14
3837Simon Dales25:52VM601
54147Rachel Shaw26:55VL453
5943Madeleine Ding27:17VL351
6857Conor Feehily27:51SM20
7380Mark Herd28:26VM5016
7853Sarah Evered29:07VL355
8160Jolyon Friedhoff29:35VM4018
8482Clare Humphreys29:39VL356
8844Tim Dixon29:56VM5018
9264Angus Grant30:09VM4019
104134Steve Rice31:40VM608
10551Diane Evans31:41VL459
110100Howard Marshall32:09VM704
11149Adam England32:14SM23
12130Sean Collins33:11VM5020
128112Jacqueline Murphy34:05SL9
133116Hanno Nickau34:39VM5021
136118Graham Norris35:04VM708
13819Harriet Brinton35:12VL3512
13950Laura Epton35:12VL3513
14547Jackie Duvall36:02VL655
158141Justine Rudkin38:03SL11
176161Kit Villiers57:42VM7012
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Entered by: Sean Collins

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