Chiltern XC League Round 1 - Oxford Shotover
Date:16 Oct 2021
Distance:9k men 6k women
Full results:
Comments:Superb overall result HRR 6th out of 15 teams. Seniors 5th
so our lack of juniors only cost us one place.

Men and women’s teams also both 6th and Vets teams both 3rd.

Great having HRR marshals cheering us around the course.

Individual category placings:
Helen T - 2nd F65
Jackie - 3rd F65
Fergus - 2nd M50
John G - 3rd M60
32Leonie Glasson(FS)25:19
35Maddie Ding(F35)25:25
49Corinna Abesser(F45)26:35
59Lucy Goddard(FS)27:30
72Yvonne Morris(F45)28:09
121Helen Roskell(F45)31:09
135Helen Turley(F65)31:43
140Natasha Varney(F45)32:05
146Sandra Harding-Brown(F55)32:43
151Jackie Duvall(F65)33:02
157Rosie Winder(F35)33:41
192Sarah Leach(F55)41:54
45James Eve(M40)33:10
63Mika Vesterinen(MS)34:02
69Ian Hewitt(MS)34:23
80Francesco Pelizza(MS)34:49
81Fergus Campbell(M50)34:50
91Galen Aymar(MS)35:22
92Neil Pinnell(M40)35:22
96Tom Green(MS)35:34
105John Fenning(MS)35:50
106Tom Dobra(MS)35:53
124Mike Healey(M40)36:30
126Jason Smith(M50)36:34
149Richard Skilbeck(M40)37:23
154Simon Ross(M40)37:47
171Rupert Cousens(M40)38:29
177Doug Simpson(M50)38:36
180Kenny Lowies(M50)38:49
184Alan Darbyshire(M50)39:03
195Chris Turnbull(MS)39:24
225John Griffiths(M60)40:38
250Christopher Woodruff(M60)41:56
270Murray McGregor(MS)43:14
305Neville Baker(M60)46:37
331Philip Lister(M60)49:02
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Entered by: Fergus Campbell

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