Teddy Hall Relays 2005
Date:09 Mar 2005
Distance:c.4 miles
Full results:http://users.ox.ac.uk/~ouccc/reports/ht05/5/
Comments:Five teams and some excellent running meant HRR was again prominent at this annual event. The highlight was Allison's fine first leg which was the fastest women's time of the day. This helped the women's team to a splendid second place overall in their event. In the mixed event Neath Dingo just missed out on 3rd place, despite Kelley posting the third fastest women's time.
Results:Menís Teams
22Headington Road Runners A1:36:43
Luke McNeill23:39
Roger Thetford24:44
Dave Gavaghan24:14
Neville Baker24.06
58Headington Road Runners B1:47:33
Hanno Nickau26:03
John Worth28:45
Laurie Hurman26:21
Gavin Bird26:24
91Headington Road Runners C2:00:31 (6th Veterans Team)
Stuart Hathaway28:50
Robert Logan32:36
Hanno Nickau28:47
Will Atkinson30:18
Womenís Teams
2Headington Road Runners1:14:49
Allison Hirst23:02 (1st Woman)
Helen Barnes25:27
Sarah Keay-Bright26:20
Mixed Teams
4Neath Dingo (HRR)1:38:53
Laurie Hurman24:50
Kelley Wilder23:35 (3rd Woman)
Sue Baigent28:32
Pete Haarer21:56
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Entered by: Robert Logan

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