Charndon 5k
Date:24 May 2005
Full results:
Comments:Another good turnout by HRR and a successful evening. Congratulations to Gary and Richard who finished clear of the field, to Allison who was first lady overall, and to Helen who won the SL class and was second lady overall.
1Gary Harris15:401st SM
2Richard Bromley15.492nd SM
9Dan Burton16:34
21Allison Hirst (VL35)17:301st VL 35
26John Griffiths (V40)17:42
29Ian Meadowcroft (V40)17:52
30Neville Baker (V50)17:59
44Helen Barnes18:38 1st SL
46James Keay-Bright18:39
50Alan Darbyshire (V40)18:47
61Richard Skilbeck19:04
62Lucy Burton19:043rd SL
63Mark Hirst(V40)19:04
64Michael Worthington (V50)19:08
67Fraser Howard19:13
70Diane Moore19:17
89Stephen Alexander20:09
93Sarah Keay-Bright20:22
96Gareth Hudson (V40)20:28
109John Worth (V40)21.04
111Antony Moore (V50)21:11
124Marie-Anne Fischer (VL35)21:45
137Adrienne Hopkins22:20
145Graham Norris (V50)23:14
149Kit Villiers (V60)23:39
155Linda Macaskill (VL35)24:08
157Ross Logan (V40)24:17 pb
165Robert Logan (V50)24:55
185Francis Josephs (V50)27:18
208last finisher
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