Track and Field : Southern Inter-Counties, Haringey
Date:14 Aug 2005
Comments:Oxfordshire covered itself in more glory in Helsinki than it did in Haringey : while ex-HRRer Mara Yamauchi finished 18th in the World Championships Marathon, Oxfordshire were coming last in the mens competition and next to last in the womens in the Inter-Counties. The Headington results at Haringey were a mixed bag too, with both Helen and Peter well outside the times they set in becoming County champions but Graham and Steve both inside.
3000m Walk M3Graham ChapmanHeadington / Oxfordshire14:23.1
 25Steve WhelanHeadington / Oxfordshire21:09.7
1500m M10Pete HaarerRanelagh / Oxfordshire4:??
1500m W10Helen BarnesHeadington / Oxfordshire5:22.8
Previous HRR results:None found.
Entered by: Graham Chapman

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