The Bridges Race
Date:10 May 2006
Distance:2.3 miles
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Comments:This is a free handicap race (scratch time is 21 minutes)in London run at 12.30 on the second Wednesday of each month from Albert Embankment over Vauxhall and Lambeth bridges and back to the start. It's been going for nearly thirty years and every runner has their own unique number. Not the fastest course because of the twists and a flight of stairs but a good test of speed. All welcome - just turn up!
1. Stuart Hathaway Headington Roadrunners No. 2504 V50
-Handicap 0.00 (first timer)--
-Run time with handicap 16.05 --
-Actual run time 16.05 (actually 2nd) --
14. Tom Morris Hercules Wimbledon No. 2476
-Handicap 6.23 --
-Run time with handicap 21.20 --
-Actual run time 14.57 (real winner on time) --
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Entered by: Stuart Hathaway

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