Akzo-Nobel Abingdon Marathon
Date:22 Oct 2006
Comments:These are provisional results. If you think they are wrong let me or the organisers know ASAP.
The full results are on the Abingdon website. Add yourself if I've missed you out.
Please give me any feedback for the event, it is very useful for organising next year.
122:49:06SMITH, GerryMale Vet 50-591st M50
162:50:21RICHARDS, MarkMale Vet 40-49
422:56:48MEADOWCROFT, IanMale Vet 40-49 pb
973:08:48NELLINS, ChristopherMale Vet 50-59
1393:16:21FITSAKIS, YiannisSenior Men
1483:17:51BIRD, GavinVet 40-49
1743:22:05BURGE, FrancesSenior Ladies pb
2733:33:23HUDSON, GarethMale Vet 40-49
3183:39:48SLATOR, CliveMale Vet 40-49
3223:40:11FLOURI, EiriniSenior Ladies pb
3313:41:04MESTON, NikiFemale Vet 35-44
3503:43:42BAILEY, FrankMale Vet 40-49
3523:43:54TREADWELL, RobertSenior Men
3983:50:58FISCHER, Marie-AnneFemale Vet 45-54
4273:54:39READ, Pat and RowanMale Vet 40-49
4503:56:43NICKAU, HannoMale Vet 40-49
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Entered by: Laurie Hurman

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