Rotterdam Marathon 2007
Date:15 Apr 2007
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Comments:“It was a battlefield” – headlined the papers the day after this event. An unseasonably hot day and an 11 am start had us setting off at 20°C with temperatures during the race rising to somewhere between 27-34°C, depending on the report you read. Target times went out the window early in the race as this usually fast course became a long hot slog. Runners succumbing to the heat put a strain on emergency services and organisers took the unprecedented decision to stop the race after 3.5 hours. However, (luckily for us) the stoppage was patchy (I only heard announcements in Dutch and didn’t know what was going on so just kept running – Frank avoided a barricade) so we were all able to continue to the finish. Only about 4,340 runners of the 7,700 who started the marathon completed the course. Times given are chip time (gun time). Placings based on gun time.
523Gareth HUDSON3:24:08 (3:25:55)
1211Cindy WARWICK3:45:23 (3:49:32) pb
3900 Frank BAILEY4:43:02 (4:46:41) pw
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