Hooky 6
Date:03 Aug 2008
Full results:http://www.hooknortonharriers.org/
Comments:A warm morning. A two lap race on a gently undulating course. Significantly the far end of the lap is quite a bit higher than the start finish end - so mile splits are all over the place. Usual good organisation from the Hook Norton club. HRR 1st Ladies team Adrienne, Sally and Sue.
500:34:14Vasley ZverevMV401st M40
1400:36:27Laurie HurmanMV503rd M50
3000:38:11Richard SkilbeckSM
3300:38:39Gavin BirdMV40
3500:39:11Chris ColbeckSM
6200:41:54Adrienne HopkinsWV351st W35
6500:42:05Sally HowardSW
9200:44:43Jonathan ChambersMV50
9500:44:56Graham NorrisMV50
10400:45:33Sue TurnerWV353rd W35
12100:46:45Robert GreenMV50
12500:47:07Andrew SulleySM
12700:47:16Anita JamesWV35
14000:48:29Lisa ShawSW
14900:49:14Alana ClarkSW
15200:49:26Linda MacAskillWV35
17600:51:57Graham DayMV40
17800:52:00Kit VilliersMV60
19800:55:06Rachel IliffeSW
19900:55:22Sheila DoelWV552ndW55pb
20800:56:58Alison BarryWV35
22801:01:59Mary RussellWV45
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Entered by: Laurie Hurman

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