Rovaniemi Half Marathon
Date:11 Jul 2009
Distance:1/2 Marathon
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Rovaniemi is in Finland a few Ks South of the Arctic Circle. A 10K took place earlier in the afternoon, and this takes a nice route whereas the Half is the route of the 10K plus 5K down one side of a straight dual-carriageway and then 5K back again. IĀ found the dual-carriageway a bit boring and hard work in 22 degrees Centigrade. There's also a full marathon that does the Half twice!

This was the second race I did on my holiday in Finland. In both races, the results are just done by category. So it's easy to see from the tulokset that I came 9th out of the 19 MV60 runners but it's really hard work to see that I came 188th and that there were just over 500 runners.

Pos Name Time
1 first finisher 1:17:33
188 Barry Cornelius 1:55:15
507 last finisher 3:21:01
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Entered by: Barry Cornelius

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